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 Socom 1.30 Update

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Private (Red Troop)

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PostSubject: Socom 1.30 Update   Socom 1.30 Update Icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2008 2:48 am

From socom.com

SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Status Update
Posted by Seth Luisi


Some of you may be wondering why we have not posted an update this past week. Well, we've been extremely busy trying to finalize the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update.

We've been spending the last week tracking down and fixing stability issues. A lot of these are not new and existed in the 1.20 update but it is our goal to provide a much more stable experience for the 1.30 update. A lot of the stability issues only happen under infrequent circumstances but the number of separate infrequent issues added up. We've fixed a good number of these issues (including the "heart attack" bug) and we are now preparing a final candidate for final acceptance testing and SCE Format QA.

Unfortunately, due to the Holidays the update will not be approved by SCE Format QA until early next year. Our QA staff will be here, testing the game over vacation, but the SCE QA teams which must approve the update before release will not. Again, these teams must approve all titles and updates before they can be released. We are unable to release the 1.30 update without their approval. As much as I would like to play Scrooge, it is impossible for us to cancel their vacation and get them to approve it over the holiday.

Therefore, barring any unforeseen issues, we are looking to release the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update during the week of January 5th or January 12th. We are pushing to get it approved and deployed ASAP after the holiday break.

We understand that a lot of you were hoping to play the 1.30 update over the break and we really wanted to make that happen. However, our primary goal is to make sure that the 1.30 update lives up to everyone's expectations and more time was needed to make that happen.

New Features

SOCOM Awards and PSN Trophies
DTS audio support
Add HUD and scoreboard opacity
Scoreboard invocation improvements (tap select for persistent scoreboard, hold for temporary)
Spectator mode HUD turns off after brief interval
Spectator camera look now respects user invert on/off setting
Spectator camera pan now consistent with in game camera
Add dive-to-prone
Add lean control to d-pad
Gear items stackable
Extend post-round period
Restrict RPGs and grenade launchers in ranked rooms
Increase prone movement speed
Adding support for lefty control configuration (analog stick functions swapped)
Increase frag grenade effectiveness
Prevent incorrect reload interruptions
Bug Fixes

Fix animation issue when prone rolling near certain objects.
Fix remaining issues with statistics gathering and display
Fix bugs related to equipping of C4 in breach mode
Fix occasional audio drop outs
Fix last remaining framerate hitch when other clients late join
Fix remaining stability issues
Fix hostages being affected by smoke

Glad we got a date but wtf with the approval crap its a patch to fix things why does it need approved?
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Private (Red Troop)

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Socom 1.30 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: Socom 1.30 Update   Socom 1.30 Update Icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2008 1:06 pm

cos if it doesnt get checked properly and then approved it could possibly fuck summat up worse then it allready is. or even fuck summat up entirely different ..

Then they'd have moaning feckers like you scott hounding them on the forums to fix it!!
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Private (Red Troop)

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PostSubject: Re: Socom 1.30 Update   Socom 1.30 Update Icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2008 3:11 pm

i don't moan at anyone. i sit in the background and let the thousands of other people do it for me.
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PostSubject: Re: Socom 1.30 Update   Socom 1.30 Update Icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2009 11:39 am


king Twisted Evil Laughing

Socom 1.30 Update CodMackaf2typhoon3
Socom 1.30 Update Prestige1
Socom 1.30 Update WnMAward
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Private (Red Troop)
Private (Red Troop)

Number of posts : 73
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PostSubject: Re: Socom 1.30 Update   Socom 1.30 Update Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 7:38 pm

Update is out.

Patch 1.30 contains a large number of bug fixes (100+), impacting all areas of the title (Game Play, Exploits, Stat Reporting, Visuals, Audio, Navigation and Stability).

The patch represents a significant improvement in overall stability. Many more bugs were fixed than what is listed here, and we will continue to address any remaining bugs and exploits in the future. Some notable bug fixes are as follows:

* The hostages will now follow a user's character up or down a ladder
* Invisible weapon bug is fixed
* Many Front End cursor bugs have been addressed
* The user's custom controller layout will now auto load
* Prone roll:

* Better testing for if you can prone roll
* Stop character being kicked from prone as frequently
* Stop character being kicked from reload frequently

* Doubled the end of round time where players can run around and do stuff
* Increase the time that the match score screen is shown to 15 seconds (from 10 seconds)
* When a player commits a team kill a specialized message will be displayed, instead of the general ‘player fragged player’ message.
* Fire Mode can now be changed while sprinting
* Hostage stuck during extraction bug is now fixed
* Speed up prone move and dive-to-prone animation (more improvements will be made in the future)
* Hostages are now removed from the radar after the have been extracted.
* Superjump bug is fixed
* RPGs and grenade launchers are now restricted in ranked rooms
* Prevent incorrect reload interruptions
* Fixed many issues related to statistics gathering and display
* Fixed bugs related to equipping of C4 in breach mode
* Fixed occasional audio drop outs
* Fixed many framerate hitches when other clients late join and in other situations

* Numerous exploits throughout the game have been addressed (more improvements will be made in the future).

Player Progression:

* Added PSN Trophy system
* Added SOCOM Awards System

The SOCOM Awards are split into 3 different classes; Performance, Service and Weapons. Each Award (Medal) can be viewed in-game along with their requirements and progress to completion.

Awards that have multiple criteria will show your progress for each criteria.

Quick Match and Party System:

Added Quick Match and Party System

Quick match offers a quick / easy method to get into a game, also to match players with others of a similar skill level.

The Quick Match option has been added to the SOCOM: Confrontation main menu. Once you select quick match you are taken to the party screen where you can invite other players to join your party. On the party screen, you can chat with your party while you are waiting for everyone to join. Once everyone has joined, select join game and your party is matched with other players of similar skill. For the 1.30 update, you can select from 3 different game types for the quick match; 16x16 Ranked, 16x16 Unranked and 16x16 Respawn. All large maps and game modes are available and the playlists are selected at random.

Quick matches only begin if there are minimum of 4 players on each team.

We plan on making improvements to the Quick Match/Party system in future SOCOM: Confrontation updates, including smaller games and smaller maps as our priority.

Gear Management:

Stackable Gear Items: If you have two sets of FRAG grenades in your inventory you no longer have to select them independently. Identical items are now grouped together for use, though they still take up two inventory slots.

Improved Radial Menu - Selecting items from the radial menu is more reliable. You no longer have to precisely hold the analog stick in the direction of the item while releasing the button; it is more forgiving now.


Revised the ‘LEFTY’ control preset. Aiming for the Lefty preset is now handled with the left analog stick and movement with the right analog stick.

Added a ‘SCOUT’ control preset, this preset is popular with player of the previous titles.

Added Dive to Prone - The dive to prone has been enhanced significantly in the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update and is now very similar to previous SOCOM games. The dive to prone is much quicker and you carry momentum forward. It is much easier to quickly get into a good prone position or dive for the deck.

Added D-Pad Lean - The player has the option to use either the motion controlled lean, lean using the d-pad or both.

Transparent Score Board - The in-game scoreboard is transparent so that the player can still see the action. The player is also able to move while it is displayed.

Added analog sticks customization.

Hostage / VIP AI:

Hostages and VIPs now only run from FRAG Grenades, and not Smoke Grenades.

Spectator Mode:

Additional features have been added to Spectator mode:

* The player can now hit the triangle button to hide the HUD. While the HUD is hidden, pressing the right/left D-Pad buttons will cycle through players without bringing up the HUD. Pressing the triangle again or X will make the HUD appear.
* Pressing R2 will pop up the in-game armory and the HUD will be shown when the user exits.


The Channel List table is now sortable - Tables in Join Game screen and Initial Clan Members screen now retain their sort values when refreshed.

Changed the score screen so it can be opened in 2 modes.

* The first mode is the vote mode. You can access this screen by tapping select. It is the same screen we have used thus far.
* The second mode is the quick mode. It can be accessed by holding select. When select is released, the score screen will be hidden. The player has full control over his character while the score screen is in the quick mode. Voting is disabled in this mode.

Games in the Custom Game List are now sorted in the following order: Ranked, Unranked, Custom.


In Escort + Extraction the round will no longer end until all helicopters leave. This allows for a user to extract all 3 hostages before the round finishes.

M67 Frag grenade ammo effective range slightly increased.


DTS is now supported (Default – DTS preferred over AC3).
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Socom 1.30 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: Socom 1.30 Update   Socom 1.30 Update Icon_minitime

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Socom 1.30 Update
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