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 obama and americans

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PostSubject: obama and americans   obama and americans Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2008 3:37 am

im finding myself rofl laughin time and time again due to comin across yet another discussion between americans of various ethnicities, beliefs and intelligences. their views have to be the most hilarious in the world, and their fellow free land dwellers come up with the worst comebacks and replies which are also fuckin hilarious. just check myspace or any other for of modern media. they pull out facts, figures and all sorts to prove their points. they even abuse each other when they have no good evidence, it truely should be put in some books as a historical event........ DUMB Vs STUPID Vs RETARDED - Barak Obama and the American people's opinions of him. they could maybe even get away with callin it a civil war for fuck sake lol.

king cheers Twisted Evil Laughing Suspect

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obama and americans
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